02 September 2008

Grind For Life / ASR / High Ollie Challenge.

Once again, our friends are Grind For Life are putting on the High Ollie Challenge at The Grind For Life Chill Zone during ASR. There is $1,500 dollars up for grabs for the highest ollie over the DC barrier. Not only is there money at stake, but a rep from the Guinness Word Records will be there to potentially put someones name down in history. The best part about it is that anyone can come check it out, there is no ASR badge required! Also, DC is going to donate an additional $1,500 dollars to Grind for Life in the winners name.

Everyone come out to the High Ollie Challenge, "Framed" Photo Show (you already know about that), and the Grind For Life Chill Zone. Check out more information about the events and foundation at GFL-ASR.com
We'll see you there!
-The Fly

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