16 April 2009

Who I think is the best at these

*Kick flip- Lizard King

After seeing him do kickflips in the berrics trickipedia. I instantly bowed down to the master flicker

*Heel Flip- Lindsey Robertson

Hands down. Just watch any of his video parts

* Frontside Flips- Andrew Reynolds

This is not open for debate. Your an idiot if you second guess me on this

*SW frontside flips and nollie backside flips- Jimmy Cao

The homie does these the best. So effortless and smooth

*Hardflips- Bryan Herman

Jimmy Carlin can be a contender for this one but I'm loving Hermans

*Double Flips- Jimmy Carlin

He owns every double flip/ crazy flip variation

*Front 360- Jeremy Wray

All you need to do is watch his second hand smoke Plan B part. He does the best one down Carlsbad Gap

*Tre Flip- Josh Kalis

The only other person I can see in an argument is Justin Brock. But Kalis has a mean tre bomb

*Backside bigspin- Devine Calloway

Look at his first chocolate ad. He adds an extra 180 doing it 360

*Nollie back heel- Jerry Hsu

He owns it after his banger in the enjoi bag of suck video

* Switch hard flips- Brandon Turner

Another one your an idiot if don't think so.

* SW back heel- Brian Gille

He's done this trick down some of the gnarliest shit

* Back 360- Moose

He serious tweaks them out like no other. Just watch a youtube clip of him and you'll know

* SW flip- Keenan Milton

The one he did over the picnic table solidified him the king of this trick.

-These are just my opinions. But 99.9% of you should agree or your an idiot.

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Anders said...

frontside flip - Anders