29 April 2009

Maestro knows

Maestro Knows - Episode 6 (Air Yeezy Skate) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.
Another fellow skateboard bredren, Levi Maestro, is up to big things. Not only is he a dope skateboarder, he has directed numerous music videos for the likes of rapper Dom Kennedy & R&B singer Anthony Hamilton. He even has a web show entitled, Maestro Knows, which chronicles his life as a Los Angelino. In this episode in particular, it struck a personal chord with me. If any of you know me personally, I love shoes. Trust in this, I have a lot of them. The one thing though that separates myself from shoe aficionados is that I skate in 99.9% of my shoes, with the exceptions of my formal kicks & b-ball shoes. Anyhow, I use to always have people tell me why you skating in certain kicks because there limited. I remember I skated in the TIffany dunks from Nike SB and it had people in an uproar. PEOPLE LISTEN, shoes aren't suppose to be put on walls and not worn. There whole existence is based on a purpose of use. Anyways, Maestro got an early release of Kanye West's callobo shoe with Nike called the air yeezy's. People seriously camped out for these joints for days on end. I think they retailed for like $225 U.S. dollars and have sky rocketed to a bizillion dollars. Well, being a skater that he is, he skated in them. I've seen message board comments of sheer anger and hatred towards him fro sneaker geeks. I just want to say I applaud Maestro. I think its sick and fuck all those douche bags. Enjoy this episode, and yes thats a buttery switch front board down that handrail

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