02 January 2009

What I hope 2009 holds

Well first and foremost happy new years to everyone. I hope everyone entered the new year in good spirits. I still cannot believe it is 2009. I'm actually quite excited to see what is in store. I have a few predictions that I think will come through. The new Alien Workshop video Mind Field will be insane. Everyone on that team are all dope as hell. I believe Reda's popularity will continue to grow and he'll get his own talk show. Haha i hope. Sk8mafia should be coming out with their video. Everyone will understand that their squad is really going to be the future of skateboarding. The TWS video is in the works right now. I predict Kellen James will make people mad that they slept on him for years. As far as new riders. I hope and I stress hope that Girl and Chocolate finally start unleashing their flow kids into the game. If you don't know they probably have one of the most extensive group of flow kids who would be an am on nearly any squad. I see Andrew Langi, Lem Villemin, and Marquise Preston finally on, I hope. Also I see Andrew Langi have a shining year and turning alot of people into instant fans. I believe their will be some major changes in team rosters for sure. If you saw the leaks we put up then you'll know. We had to take them off because some pussy said it was too early and was scared. Haha don't be butt hurt when you read this. Anyways I predict a great year. I've seen some photos of Sean Sheffey recently. Maybe he'll make a come back. Now that would be sick

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treboux said...

Sheffey! That would be sick.