25 January 2009

Curiculum manifesto #2

Well another ASR weekend and pass through beautiful San Diego. To tell you the truth ASR is pretty fucking lame these past years. It use to be cool with a debacle of skaters taking over the Johnny CLub Guy downtown spots. But nowadays its just a plethora of "Extremers" and bros trying to get down. It use to be a time you get to meet with friends you only see a couple times a year and have all the sickest skate companies and skaters mobbing around ASR. It just seems that its time to break away from that mold that doesn't represent our group anymore. The weird thing is hearing people that have nothing to do with ASR or skating so hyped and talking about it like its the second coming of christ. Sorry to let them know but nothing is really that cool. I applaud The Crossroads show and trying to take the steps needed in the right direction. This recession will hopefully weed out the kooks that don't belong in skating and the kooks that try to get down away from our shit. Reclaim our culture from these blood sucking leeches.

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