31 December 2008

Year in Review

I will just go through a list of highlights in 08. I'm sure I'm going to miss shit but here are my most memorable ones.

1.) Flannels
-Apparently the dead soul of Kurt Cobain resurrected and infiltrated skate fashion. I am a victim of the flannel so don't worry it was the cool thing to wear.

2.) Beauty and the Beast Tour
-No I'm not talking of the Disney Broadway musical. I'm talking about the epic tour between Girl and Anti Hero. Probably one the best skate tours that has ever occurred. Damn I wish I saw that.

3.) The Berrics
-Yeah yeah we know, the berrics is ill. Thanks for making us look bad in the skate online game guys.

4.) I quit smoking cigarettes
- You probably don't care but I can skate longer and breathe better.

5.) Life of Ryan
- No comment about the show. But I have a question. Is it true that Schaeffer form skate park of tampa boned Ryan's mom? Just curious

6.) Sk858
- Damn did those guys put out consistent dope footy this year. Those videos made Sk858 a household name or youtube at least. Big ups to Crady and Lamm for the videos

7.)Rap music
- This year just like the previous years we've seen a decline in rap in skate videos. With the exception of Fully Flared, everyone has been skating to indie rock. I need to hear some good hip hop in skating or I'm going to go crazy.

8.) Beibel
- As long as that dude is skating he is always a highlight of the year, Beibel is the shit.

9.) Buttery Ass Donovan
- Instant internet star. Plus he took Malto out in skate.

10.) Skaters to rappers
- This year seemed like more than ever an influx of skater rappers. You have TK with Fly Society, Jereme Rogers with his rap persona JR, Pat Washington as P.W Esquire, and I'm sure I'm missing a shit load of others. But damn only skater rapper I like is Makeshift.

11.) Epicly Laterd
-Patrick O'Dell is a f'ing genius. I thanks him for such epicness this year. I am devoted follower ready and willing to kill in his behalf. Ok not really but I enjoy the shows. Can we get some naked bitches on the show. Then it would be the most epicness possible

12.) Curiculum Magazine
- Passion and love drives everything. Through the thick and thin, the good and the bad we've made it and still have our heads intact. New issue dropping in the next few weeks. Thanks to everyone for their loyalty and support. Also a special thank you goes out to the homie from Slovenia who left a comment on the first Curiculum manifesto. Sometimes I forget people read shit and actually care enough about skating like I do. You gave me a resurgence to keep doing shit. Thank you for that

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