21 December 2008

Curiculum Manifesto #1

Well I've been meaning to do this for a while but due to some unfortunate events beyond my control I haven't got to it until now. Basically every so often I will begin to discuss some topics and issues that run in skateboarding.

One such issue is the phrase, "once a skateboarder always a skateboarder". I've been skateboarding for 14 years and in my early years I would have believed that the previous statement was true in every aspect possible. However as I have gotten older and seen people come and go with skateboarding my mind has totally changed.

I guess its easy to chop it up and say people just get older and naturally move on to things. While I believe some of this is true, there is a bigger part of me that thinks its bullshit. I don't believe everyone that has skateboarded is a skateboarder at heart.

I've seen so many people quit because of drugs, girls, sports, you name I've seen it. It puzzles me how they just drop it. One minute someone is down for life then a second later they only want to play beer pong at some frat party. I remember there was long point in my time with skateboarding that consisted of skating flat ground and my curb for hours by myself in front of my house. This was maybe for close to two years. I also heard similar stories from friends as well. I feel as though the phrase "by any means necessary" is an appropriate way to put my infatuation in simple terms. I would and still would do whatever it took to ride my board.

It baffles my mind how people quit and still try to ride their past legacy. What is even more crazier is that some of these type of people are in the skate industry. Just using it to make some money but without the love.

Maybe things will change in my perspective when I get older. Fuck it probably not because I love skateboarding with all I have in my heart. I'll never not skate. That shit is sacrilegious.

So remember kids when you see an older dude out there still skating and having fun, THATS A SKATEBOARDER!!!! That's what it should be all about. Those are the guys to look up to. None of this I skate once in a blue moon shit. Haha now can I get an AMEN.


Jurij Turnšek said...

you get a (non-religious) amen from me! seen lots of the shit you talk about and it's sad...

i'm in my 9th year on board and i'm not planning on slowing down.

The Exec. said...